21Mill is the first ever micro-learning platform built to help young professionals succeed in the workplace.
Our mobile-based platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a variety of devices.
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Meyvn Safety

Safe and efficient sites equal immediate returns to you. Whether regulatory safety training or curriculum development, our team works with you to tailor the perfect solutions.
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Meyvn Equipment

A mere 10% cycle-time increase could mean millions to your bottom line. Our expert team of heavy equipment specialists jump in the cab and instruct your operators to the top of their game.
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Meyvn Leadership

Dark rooms and monotone PowerPoint presenters have long given training a bad name. Our development sessions unlock your team’s potential and boost retention of the things that matter.
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Turn Training Insights Into Motion

Most training providers facilitate workshops that are interesting, fun, enjoyable and an overall positive experience. The problem is not with the event itself, but with what happens after the event is over. Because unless the learning is applied, the capital spent on training, and the time invested, becomes a total waste! World class clients have turned to Meyvn to ensure their learning investment produces tangible results.
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Sticky Training Services



21mill is a training company dedicated to the development of young professionals. 21mill has crafted learning specifically for 21st century professionals. With content relevant to Millennials and Gen Zer’s, 21mill partners with companies to ensure their young talent is thriving.

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24/7 Access Via Mobile & Tablet App

Large Catalogue of Micro-Learning Modules

Customized Learning Solutions Available



From 2-day boot camps to 2-year training initiatives, Meyvn provides leadership training that sticks. Meyvn’s portfolio of activity based learning spans the spectrum from teambuilding events, to one on one coaching and development. Meyvn has taught thousands of leaders all over the world using training methods you need to see to believe.

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70-90% Learning Retention Guaranteed

Pioneer of Field Focused Training – Learning Application in Real Time

ATD (Association of Talent Development) Published Training Book



With millions of people a year still getting hurt at work, traditional safety training has proven time and time again to not be effective. Boring people to death with endless PPT slides is not the way to engage people with safety. Meyvn’s safety training focuses on behaviors first, engages people with safety activities and makes safety training fun. Don’t believe safety training can be fun,

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Behavior Based Soft Skill Training

Virtual Toolbox Meetings That Actually Drive Participation & Learning

Over 200 Safety Training Modules Integrated With Purposeful Activities



Meyvn has literally made its clients millions of dollars from increased production thanks to our heavy equipment training. Taking competent equipment operators and turning them into proficient professionals is an expertise Meyvn has excelled at for years. If you are looking to get more out of your machinery,

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Train On All Makes & Models Of Heavy Equipment Machinery

We Don’t Do Theoretical, We Actually Operate The Equipment

We Audit, Train, Supervise & Consult To Ensure A Productive Operation


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